Welcome to Straka Speech

If you have concerns about your child’s speech, language abilities, or if your physician or school has referred you to a Speech-Language Pathologist, make an appointment for a diagnostic evaluation with our office.

We provide services for toddlers, children, teens and adults. Our therapeutic services address the following areas:

  • Articulation Delays/Disorders

    We treat articulation and speech disorders including the way a child pronounces sounds in words, sentences and conversation.

  • Augmentative Alternative Communication

    We work with low and high tech technology to assist non-verbal individuals to communicate with family and peers in the community.

  • Autism

    We provide treatment for all aspects of social and language difficulties for children with autism spectrum disorder, from pre-linguistic joint attention skills to difficulty with figurative language.

  • Dysphagia

    We evaluate the oral preparatory & voluntary phases of swallowing as it applies to the oral structure (jaw, lips & tongue), oral motor disorders, current eating status, awareness & control of secretions, jaw control & labial, lingual & velar function.

  • Feeding Disorders

    We can help manage feeding problems that affect a child’s ability to eat or drink in a developmentally appropriate and safe way.

  • Fluency

    We treat stuttering in children and adults. Stuttering affects fluency of speech and is characterized by “bumps” or “blocks” in the production of speech sounds and can lead to communication difficulties.

  • Hearing Loss/Cochlear Implants

    We treat all forms of communication delays/disordered related to hearing loss including patients that use cochlear implants.

  • Language Disorders

    We help children who have trouble with grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary and word finding skills as well as difficulty processing language and information.

  • Oral-Motor Difficulties

    We treat oral motor difficulties including controlling lips, tongue and jaw muscles.

  • Phonological Processing

    We help children whose speech is hard to understand because they have not learned the rules for how sounds fit together to make words.

  • Social Language Disorders

    We treat concerns with a child’s ability to communicate and relate to peers including social rules, conversation skills, problem solving and activities of daily living.

  • Voice Disorders

    We evaluate and treat voice disorders that are functional, neurological and/or organic in nature.

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